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Santa Maria Donnaregina

The Church of Santa Maria Donnaregina is one block from the Duomo. The church that we see today was built between 1307 and 1320 by Mary of Hungary, wife of Charles II of Anjou, and is on the site of an ancient monastic complex dating back to the eighth century. The pillars which form the three naves support the Nuns' choir, which preserves on its walls frescoes by Pietro Cavallini and assistants. They date from the second decade of the 14th century and are a good example of  Neapolitan Gothic mural decoration. In the left wall is the tomb of Mary of Hungary, a work by Tino Camaino. The remains of the flooring of the original, primitive church are assembled on a panel in a nearby chamber.  Among items of artistic interest is the series of frescoes on the wall, attributed to the Roman artist Filippo Rusuti and his students. They depict The Last Judgment,  the Prophets, and the Apostles.  Today, the church is closed, but houses the School for Architectural Restoration, one of the many churches and monasteries in Naples that have been converted to secular use. (See The Ex-Monasteries of Naples.)

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