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Lets go to.... PROCIDA

A short distance away from the coasts of the Neapolitan area, Procida is the most maritime of all the islands in the Gulf, and yet the least known. It is the ideal place for a weekend of sea and nature, in a boat if at all possible. From the port, Marina del Sancio Cattolico, after a walk among craftsmen's workshops in hidden courtyards, you easily reach the Terra Murata fortress quarter to find the Medieval Aragonese fortress and the Benedictine Abbey of San Michele with its splendid terraces overlooking the sea. You are at the heart of the island, a fascinating maze of long and narrow alleyways lined with intoxicating lemon orchards, homes and stern-looking buildings in typical yellow, rose and light-blue colors. Elsewhere, too, there are quiet routes by farmhouses and the historic center marked by elegant early 18th-century doorways in lava rock.
The panorama may be enjoyed from the height of Punta Solchiaro or from the Pizzaco Peninsula. A good dinner can be had in the restaurants of the Chiaiolella district (the small tourist roadstead) after passing by a cluster of fishermen's homes. Likewise, for an enchanting stroll in untouched nature and among free-roaming animals and sub-tropical Mediterranean plants, there is only place: Vivara.
The old hunting ground of the Bourbon Royal House, the smaller islet is a protected natural oasis, with rich wild fauna and luxuriant flora of myrtle, strawberry trees, young oak trees and so on. Once, this area could only be accessed from the sea; now, however, a small bridge connects the islet to mother Procida. For visitors who reach Procida by sea, there are a number of small coves and inlets strung along the coastline, inspiring you to swim or nap if you don't feel like a tour around the island. Yet, by day's end, you will not want to have missed a refreshing, relaxing pause at Corricella. Here, amidst boats and fishermen's nets, you sit in the shade of long stairways and houses that have communal courtyards where you can enjoy pleasant, fresh, lemon ice-water at any time of the day.