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Around Naples in English  © by Jeff Matthews & napoli.com
This part of Napoli.com is NOT a translation of anything you may read on the Napoli.com main page, nor is it related to the English-language items under "Cultural Routes" in the side-bar on the left of your screen. This is my own English-language page about Naples - Italy. There are five parts, linked below, of Around Napoli in English. The first is my "personal encyclopedia," approximately 400 entries, about Naples and the area. It is purposely an idiosyncratic, eclectic presentation of my own observations on the general culture of Naples. The link (below) will take you to an alphabetical index. Second, a collection of maps. Third, a selection of articles by Jeanne Manfredi. Fourth, "Through the Eyes of..., historical items by authors who have written about Naples. Fifth, recent items about Naples today. I shall try to add to that section at the rate of one or two items a week.I am responsible for the contents of Around Napoli in English, and the views expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of napoli.com. I welcome your comments. Here, then, is Around Napoli in English:

1.  Encyclopedia  --  2.  Map collection  --  3.  Articles by Jeanne Manfredi
4.  "Through the Eyes of..."  --  5.  New articles (start below)

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Previous Articles
Of Ships & Sails & Water Cabs
The Centro Direzionale
The Mostra d'oltremare
Funiculž-Funiculosed for Repairs
The Museum of S.Gennaro
The Arsenale
Cleaning Up The Sarno
The "edicola votiva" of Naples
The ex-Military Hospital
The Hospital for the "Incurable"
The Vesuvius Meteorological Observatory
Napoli Soccerófrom A to C
Achille Lauro
"Long Sellers" ?... Well, if they say so...
Caravaggio, the Last Years, 1606-10
Is it already Christmas?
The "Orientale" of Naples
Getting in Touch With Your Inner Tile
Recovering the High Ground
What to do over the Christmas Holidays
Installation Art 2004/5
Whatever happened to the Goodyear blimp?
Islam in Naples
Oral History, WW2 (Sicily & Naples)
Oral History, WW2 (Cassino)
This May Shock You, but...
Zeppelin Raid on Naples!
Vittoria colonna
The "Musical" in Naples
The Church of The Redeemer
Oral History, WW2 (San Pietro)
Street Musicians in Naples
New Construction on via Marina
Let us now praise projects that are up and running!
Viceroy Don Pedro de Toledo (1)
Viceroy Don Pedro de Toledo (2)
The Handwriting on the Wall
The Vesuvian Villas
Next Stop, Neapolis!
Symbols of Naples
Atella: Comedy Central
Increase the Size of Your Ad!
To-may-to, to-mah-to Garbage Can, Dust Bin, Let's Call the Whole Thing Offal
Atella Archaeological Museum
"Other" Secret Societies in Southern Italy after 1815
Metro Line 6
Boccaccio, Rufolo, Wagner, Ravello 2005
The Albergo dei Poveri -- the Royal Poorhouse
Palazzo Ricca
"You Leave the Mergellina Station 'bout a Quarter-to-four..."
Naples in the 1600s
The First Neapolitan Republic
Films set in Naples
Mario Maglione
Antonio Scarfoglio & The Around-the-World Race of 1908
The Museum of San Lorenzo
Air Raids on Naples in WWII
The University of Naples Department of Veterinary Medicine
On the Trail of the Missing Music Conservatories
The Missing Music Conservatories
Cosimo Fanzago (1591-1678)
Giambattista della Porta (1535-1615)
The Neapolitan Mandolin
Verdi & his Music for the King of Naples
Charitable Events in the Villa Comunale
The Founder of the Knights Templar
Santa Maria di Portosalvo
The Future of Bagnoli
Poggioreale--Paradise Lost

Keeping Up With the Joans
The Piedimonte d'alife Railway, the Alifana
The Belle …poque, a cafť-chantant, Fin de siŤcle and Thou (or Elvira Donnarumma) beside me, singing in the Salone Margherita
Maritime Museums in and around Naples

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